Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuck with them for now...but perhaps not for the long run...

Are the members of Congress who didn't try to fight at all for raised revenues or jobs or anything to help the majority of Americans going to be welcomed back with open arms?  Perhaps not:
The poll figures are pretty revealing...

Now, it could be that people will forget by the time elections roll around, although this time, I have to say I doubt that will happen.  While people do tend to have notoriously short memories at times, the kind of behavior from the Republicans, particularly that displayed by the Tea Party, is totally unforgivable to most.  They were willing to throw grandma under the bus, for crying out loud.  When grandma is worried about whether she's going to have to eat cat food in order to be able to afford her expensive medications, when she worries about keeping the roof over her head, the very people who have made her worry aren't exactly at the top of grandma's warm-fuzzies-I-want-to-bake-cookies-for-them list.  Actually...they're a lot lower than that.  It's also something that's pretty hard to forget when it affects your very survival.  People can overlook only so much.  They can overlook the promises of a party that conveniently "forgot" about their lofty promises of jobs after over half a year in office, but what they can't overlook is something that affects them directly.  That's a whole different problem, and there's no way someone struggling can't take it personally.

So for the politicians, particularly GOPers and Tea Partiers (but also Blue Dog Democrats) who are staunchly standing for their right to gut the social safety net, to appease puppet masters like the Koch brothers and the dead author who made up a fictional economy on which they're attempting to gamble base the entire economy of the US, they may find that all of these things they're doing in a bid for re-election will totally fail them, anyway.

Let's hope so.

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