Monday, December 19, 2011

Your Lack of Faith is Astonishing…

It’s amazing how “big” the GOP (Greedy Old-fart Party) is on faith, but when it comes to true faith, they have none at all.

Case in point: their machinations with Israel and desire—make that desperation—for war with Iran.

Nobody wants to see countries go to war.  In our case, we’ve gone to war, fighting battles that aren’t even ours, not for good reasons, but for bad ones.  Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan dragged on for years, and the one in Afghanistan still isn’t over.

On top of this sorry state of affairs, this conflict that hasn’t gained us a damn thing, except to impoverish our country so badly, most are struggling for survival, now the Republicans actually want to go to war with Iran.

Why?  Well, first, Iran has oil.  The Republicans don’t want to develop alternate sources of energy, they want to go with what has made them filthy rich and continues to do so: oil.  The thing that costs terribly for those who don’t have much, but for them, it’s a cash cow.  After all, every single large oil company that operates in the US gets their much-needed (cough, cough) handouts of corporate welfare every year.  Taxpayers are struggling, millionaires are trying to get their taxes to be lower than ever and to pawn off more taxes on the poor and middle class…but here comes big oil with their hands held out, and we just cross their palms with billions.

That’s allegedly supposed to keep the prices down…but it doesn’t.

The second reason they want to go to war with Iran?

Because of the Bible.  Yes, the Bible has warned of end times, particularly the “Rapture,” Israel is involved, and the Republicans aren’t trying to protect Israel because they don’t deserve to be attacked, but rather, because they want to force Biblical predictions to occur.

Does anyone besides me see the irony and stupidity in this?  Either the Bible is true or it’s not.  It doesn’t matter where you stand on this issue, whether you’re strictly religious and really, really believe it’s all going to come true, or you’re an atheist who thinks it’s all crap…or you’re somewhere in between.

The point is…do you really, truly believe?  Because if you do…

Do you believe God is so addle-brained, he can’t figure out how to make his “own” Biblical predictions come true? After all, those “religious” are quick to point out, the Bible is “God’s word.”

I’d like to ask every idiot like Michele Bachmann just what in the hell they think they’re going to accomplish Biblically by going in and starting a war with Iran.  The practical considerations aside (spending trillions on more war), the fact is, either the Biblical predictions are going to occur…or they’re not.  It doesn’t matter what your shenanigans are, it doesn’t matter what you believe, the fact that you’re trying to force it means you don’t believe.


Faith is simple.  It means having faith. It means believing in the unbelievable.  It means that regardless of what anyone says, you believe because you believe.

If you try to force it to happen…you don’t believe.  Because if you believed, you wouldn’t have to force it to happen…because you know it will happen!

So the more idiots like Michele Bachmann and the rest of the Greedy Old-fart Party try to push their Biblical agenda, the more they prove how little they do believe, how little faith they actually have.

Matter of fact, I daresay they have none at all.

You can’t force a Biblical prediction, because then it proves you have no faith.