Monday, August 15, 2011

If corporations are people and fetuses are people, why are corporations getting away with murder?

Here in the US, you are a taxpayer.  Which means you have the right to work hard, be underpaid, lose your job to someone an ocean and more away, you get no right to health care…but there are two new things that are just as certain as death and taxes: Increasingly, a fetus is given as many rights as a person—and more so.  Should an unborn fetus have a health problem, it must be provided with the finest health care available, often saved at the expense of the mother’s life, not to mention the medical expense itself, which shall fall upon the hapless, unwitting family.  It doesn’t matter if said family loses their home over these expenses or anything; as people, their rights are limited to working, paying taxes, paying their own way through health issues, whether or not they can afford it, and screw everything else.  Worse, the family has zero right to health care, even if they’ve paid all of their taxes faithfully up to date.

Then we have the other side of the coin…corporations.  Which are people.

Except for the fact that corporations don’t have health expenses, they can’t get pregnant, they don’t bleed, they don’t think for themselves…so for all intents and purposes, corporations are inanimate objects, yet have been given the rights of people.

They’ve been given the rights of people, but not the responsibilities.  Therefore, they make plenty of money…but if they don’t pay taxes on that income, no big deal.  (A person, on the other hand, must pay taxes.)

So I propose this.  We have “personhood” amendments popping up everywhere, to deter women from getting abortions.  If corporations are people, too, then “personhood” applies to them, as well.  When a corporation decides to lay off or fire a lot of people, that is akin to abortion.  A CEO calling for these workers to be summarily dismissed is akin to an abortion doctor.  In other words, a “person killer.”  “Murderer.”

We know what the penalties are for abortion in many states.  We know corporations were given personhood by the US Supreme Court.  In this case, the personhood laws should apply just as well to corporations.  I see a lot of future arrests of CEOs, hefty fines paid by corporations for “aborting” said “persons.”  They already oddly get a pass on paying taxes, where the government can’t stop tripping over its own feet about getting that money.

Why are we letting corporations getting away with murder?

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