Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I See Your Hypocrisy and Raise You More Hypocrisy...

If you can stomach the following video, my sincerest apologies for the actual source of the link (Faux Noise):
Faux Noise video of Trump complaining about China
(So you don't have to watch the whole thing, the pertinent part appears at about 3:40.)

Somehow, this seems to have flown in under everyone's radar, but I wanted to share it.  I doubt I even need to comment on it.

I refer to some of Trump's statements, such as, "China is our enemy," China is "ripping us!" and "We are rebuilding China!"

The latter may be true...our money may indeed be rebuilding China, but here's the hypocrisy:
Where Donald Trump's menswear line is manufactured

Really?  You're complaining about rebuilding the country and how China is allegedly "ripping us"--yet you've offshored your manufacturing to...where was that?  Something starting with a "C"...Canada?

Oh, wait...that was China.  Meaning it's your money that helps "rebuild China."

Trump's suggestion here was to tax Chinese goods that we import.  Now, that's not a bad idea.  Let's place a hefty tax on all of your menswear as it comes into the country.  Sure, it will come out of your pocket, but maybe that will be an incentive to...oh, I don't know...bring your manufacturing back to the good old USA.  You know...American made.  Not that I'm saying to single you out.  That would be unfair.  Definitely, we should place a good, solid tax on all Chinese-made and Taiwanese-made and any other items made outside the US for US companies.

Actually, Trump has a super idea here, proving himself quite the genius.

Still, what is it with wealthy people these days who bitch and whine about how we're helping other countries...yet who contribute to these same countries with American jobs, stolen from Americans?  I don't recall Trump asking Americans if it was okay for him to pocket the nice tax breaks he got for shipping his jobs off to China...so why is it he can complain about the money he himself spends to pump into China's economy?  We don't manufacture much of anything here, because US companies--and let's be perfectly clear, Trump's is not the only one--found out years ago that it was far more profitable to send that work overseas.

I have an easy solution that will resolve the entire problem to both Trump's satisfaction and ours: bring that manufacturing back to the US.  We can put Americans back to work and closely control manufacturing processes (particularly quality control) right here.  Win-win!  Better yet, we won't be building any other country's economy and here in the US, company owners like Trump will know for a fact whether or not they're getting "ripped."